Kempf Kollar 

The Kempf Kollar or "KK" is a patented solution for improper two-holing and bolt hole misalignment of field applications. Features include:


★ The ability to insure proper wall spool alignment or to re-align a run of pipe already in place. 


Conforms to ANSI standards


Manufactured in the USA using Ductile Iron Class 53


★ Adapts to field applications for maintenance and replacement equipment, misalignments and 2-hole variances


360-degree circumferential support on the rotating flange end


American Tourseal high quality, low torque NSF 61 gasket for the rotating flange end is included


Available in a variety of lengths

Anchor Couplings

Our swivel x swivel anchor couplings are:


Made in the USA using ductile iron class 53

Materials meet all sections of ANSI 


Pressure rated from 250 - 350 psi


★ Manufactured in anchor x anchor, flange x anchor and MJ bell x anchor

★ Plain end mechanical joint fittings with a fully rotating gland on each end

★ Each gland can accommodate the existing bolt hole of fittings in the line, producing a fixed, fully restrained joint at assembly

Fabricated Pipe

Our fabricated pipe has the following features: 

★ Made in the USA 

★ Manufactured in accordance with ANSI/AWWA A21.15-94

★ Our ductile iron pipe is manufactured in accordance with and meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of AWWA C151/A21.51-96


★ Every piece is marked, palletized and packaged 


★ We can accommodate any size job, including truck loads


A ceramic filled, amine cured, novolac epoxy lining specifically developed for ductile iron pipe and fittings as an alternative to coal-tar epoxies.

Ceramic Novolac Epoxy

Specifically Designed for Ductile Iron Pipe


 Environmentally Preferable


★  No Coal Tars

★  No Hazardous Air Polluting Solvents


 Odor Free

 Available in Red or Green

 Storage Shelf Life 3 Years



Blue Patriot Fab, formerly Foundry Services, is a prominent fabricator of ductile iron pipe and fittings in the Midwest. Specializing in the water and wastewater industry it is our mission to provide products of the upmost quality. 


With our extensive knowledge of product and industry standards, we put our customer at the forefront of the fabrication industry.


Our commitment to excellent customer service is what makes us different. We are proud to make and support quality American-made products.


With our patented, Kempf Kollar, Blue Patriot Fab is your innovative leader here to serve our customers.


Strength. Innovation. Integrity. We are Blue Patriot Fab.



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